Jonathon and Janae

How We Met

We met Spring 2012 in college (undergrad) at “Spring Fest” a university orchestrated event that consisted of music, artists, food, snacks, etc. carnival style. 2-Chainz was on stage performing. A friend of mine told me there was someone who had been keeping an eye on me for a while. I was single at the time and interested. My friend told me she was under the tent. There was a total of about 7 or 8 young ladies under the tent so i used a process of elimination to try to figure out which one. A few of the women I already knew and were friends with so i was able to narrow it down to 2. One young lady in particular had the most beautiful skin and skin color I had ever seen. Her legs were also amazing because she had on shorts. I asked my friend if that was her. He said yes. I went over to talk with her and we talked for about 2 hours straight. She mentioned she had never been on a date before and I was certain to be the first to take her. We exchanged numbers. Another friend, who I came there with, was asking what I thought of her. I told him, I was going to marry her one day. I was a football player for the University she has supported me ever since.

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how they asked

It was Christmas day. Her mom, my mom, my grandparents, brothers, aunt, and our puppy took a family holiday vacation to Gatlinburg, Tenn. I had already planned our “family photo” for the morning. I did my best to get everyone to open gifts the night before. I had been in constant contact with a photographer for the past few months. I was able to get the entire family into our vehicles and meet my photographer at their studio on Christmas morning. We followed my photographer for our “family photo” on the highway leading up the smoky mountains of Gatlinburg until we finally arrived out the location. The photo shoot went as planned. My photographer asked for my grandparents first, my other family members second, and me and my girlfriend last. After about the 5th shot into “our” photos I began to talk with her about the day we met and the how i wanted us to continue to work on us. That’s when I turned, put my back to the camera so that they could catch her reactions, and proposed. She began to cry tears of joy and excitement and said “yes, of course, you already knew that!”

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Special Thanks

Don and Melissa Fields
 | Photographer