Lauren and Jonathan

how we met

We met through online dating. Bumble for the win! It is however a difficult process though, but it was certainly worth it in this case. I regrettably tried to cancel our first date for another date I met online as well, but thankfully changed my mind and rescheduled. That first lunch together was almost a disaster as well when I ended up being almost 3 hours late. Thankfully he waited for me and I am so grateful he did. We bonded instantly over our very late lunch and I remember being so impressed that he was a combination of everything you could want in a guy.

how they asked

I am slightly obsessed with Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia where the wild horses run among historic ruins. Jonathan caught on this, when I talked about it constantly and said I would love to take him there one day. We planned our 1 year anniversary trip to Savannah where we planned to take a ferry to the magical island. We almost did not get to go at all because of Hurricane Dorian but thankfully the storm passed in time. It unfortunately took out the docks at the island though so it was closed to the public. I was heart-broken, but not as much as Jonathan, since he was planning to propose there. Unknown to me, he had been planning for months to create the perfect proposal among the ruins on Cumberland Island. He had found our photographer, Tori Bronston, and along with my little sister were planning to surprise me with a magical day. They had to come up with a complete change of plan the night before the big day when we got the news that the island was inaccessible. Thankfully, Tori suggested to Jonathan Wormsloe Historic State Park, where a backdrop of historic live oak trees covered in Spanish moss made for the most stunning proposal site. Jonathan convinced me we were going to the site simply to hike but I had a hunch, since he dressed up for the occasion. I was still stunned when he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! He then surprised me by having Tori there to capture the entire moment. The moment kept getting better when he had my little sister jump out of Tori’s Jeep join us, who he had flown in from Houston just to be with me in that special moment. I of course said yes a million times!

Special Thanks

Bronston Photography
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Wormsloe State Historic Site
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Flawless Carat
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