Daisy and Jonathan

Image 1 of Daisy and JonathanHow We Met: About 3 years ago I was a teller and Jonathan worked a few stores down from me. Every so often Jonathan would come in with the deposit; I would occasionally help him but never knew how to strike up a conversation with him. He would always make me real nervous and I always felt as if there was never anything to say. Finally one day I worked up the nerve to go by and say “hi,” I wasn’t too sure how it would go, but it wasn’t going to hurt to try. This encounter turned out way better then I would have expected it to have gone; about a week later he came in to talk to me and before I knew it, we were dating.

how they asked: We planned a trip to Disney World for about a week with his family. I was beyond excited because ever since I was about five I would dream of the whole experience. So this was it, I was finally going to Disney and I was going with the one person I loved so much. We woke up that morning very early to go to the Magic Kingdom. I was like a kid and could not even sleep that night. We got to the park very early and did as much as we could that day, I was very excited and looking forward to seeing the fireworks. So we got a very good spot and we watched the pre-show, it was nothing like I had ever seen before. I was loving every minute of it, this was beyond perfect, I had no idea of what was coming next. As the pre-show ended the fireworks began, we saw Tinkerbell zip line from the castle. I was loving every moment of this, this day was so perfect. I remember Jonathan asking me “if he made my dream come true?” I didn’t even want to answer him. Finally I said yes, and then he said “will you make my dream come true?” “Daisy, will you marry me?” I could not believe what was happening the most amazing day of my life was going to be one I would never forget. I began to cry as I said YES, then I heard his whole family cheering. Apparently his family knew and about 6 cast members helped him set the whole thing up. I still can not believe that I am going to marry my very own prince charming.