Jonathan and Ashley

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How We Met

Jonathan and I have known each other our entire lives. Our families are close friends, my sister and him were in classes together, and we often saw each other at community events.I always noticed him and thought he was cute, but he never seemed interested or he just viewed me as a “little sister”.

In 2015, I noticed he was texting me more, and then one evening, he called me and invited me to go to Starbucks with him. Little did I know, all my hopes of getting to know this guy would finally come to pass. I am so thankful God brought Jon in my life in His perfect timing. Neither of us had ever been in a relationship and we learned how to grow very quickly together when Jon’s dad passed away just 3 months after we started talking. We realize that we could have talked any other time of our lives knowing each other, but it happened in a time that could only be God’s divine plan for us. He is selfless, generous, and so sweet- he was worth every minute of the wait!

Important detail to the proposal: When I first noticed Jon about 6 years ago, it was because he posted a picture on Facebook of him on a bench with a “reserved” sign. I thought to myself ” Wow this guy seems different, he is waiting for one girl”. When we started talking years later, I told him that picture caught my eye several years ago and was the moment when my interest sparked for him :)

how they asked

We had been talking about getting engaged for some time, but the night it happened completely caught me off guard! He asked me if we could have dinner with his cousins, and I said sure. He told me to dress up, but when he picked me up, he was wearing jeans and a white v-neck (Definitely threw me off!) Then, on our way to dinner he got a phone call from one of his tenants at a property saying there was some leak and asked if we could look at it. I was thinking to myself “is this real life?! I’m definitely not getting engaged!”. We got to the house, which is a place that held alot of sentimental value to him and his family. The guys living there were magicians and while Jon was upstairs “fixing the problem”, I was being entertained and hardly noticed how much time had went by! We went to check on him, and he wasn’t upstairs so we went outside…

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I saw a trail of lights, with my guy sitting on a bench, in a suit, with a reserved sign next to him!

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It was like re-enacting the “reserved” picture from many years ago, but this time, he knew who the reserved seat was for. I was so shocked and surprised. His cousin was playing guitar and singing one of our favorite songs “We can take the world” and my best friend and cousin were there! It was like a dream, the thoughtfulness and planning was so overwhelming.

P.S. He even handmade the bench and we signed it so we could keep it forever :)

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I am one blessed girl to call him my guy and am so excited for our future!

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the ring

Well, its one of a kind custom made ring and SO beautiful. It was designed both out of the country and in America. He literally put everything I’ve dreamed of into the perfect ring and even had my birthstone and favorite color lavender included. So so thoughtful!

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Special Thanks

Joel James
 | Photos
Jobin Abraham/ Alexa Joseph
 | Decor/Set-up