Jonathan and Anne

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I am a teacher in Lawrence, MA, and we often call snow days because a large percentage of our students have to walk to school. Last year in March, we had a surprise storm come through that caused three snow days from Monday to Wednesday. I love a snow day, but three in a row is a lot! Another teacher friend of mine lives around the corner, and we were sick of being stuck in the house, so we trudged through the storm to the closest nail salon (which was over a mile away!) to get our nails done on Tuesday.

Wednesday, Jon had to go back to work, and I was home stuck in the house by myself. He knows that I can get a little antsy when I have to stay inside for too long, so he told me we should go out to dinner when he got home and then grab a drink at the local dive bar that we love.

As we were getting ready to go to dinner, my friend from work called in a panic that she couldn’t move her car! So Jon and I went to her car first and helped chip away the ice around her wheels, used the car floor mats on the ground, and finally got her car out. We have a nice dinner, go grab a drink at Pub, and have a nice evening together. When we get home, I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and Jon yelled in that he left his phone cord in his coat pocket and asked if I could grab it and bring it in along with everything else that was in his pocket.

Now as a background, my mom has been wearing a diamond ring that her father used to wear. Before I even met Jon, Jane and I discussed that I could use the ring as my engagement ring when the time came. So I know the box that she has always kept it in.

So back to the engagement, I reach into his pocket and the box was in it. My brain started to scramble and I just yelled, “what is this?!” even as I was opening it up. I turned around and Jon was there and asked, “will you marry me?” I screamed YES! and jumped on him.

Thank you for listening to our story!

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