Jonathan and Amanda

How We Met

Jonathan and I met at work 6 years ago. From the first day I started he was always making excuses to talk to me (one time he told me I had good posture – I have TERRIBLE posture). Jonathan had been with the company for 9 months at the time and was good friends with the person who was training me so, while I’d be sitting in conference rooms diligently taking notes, he’d barge in and joke that she was training me wrong or tell me a different way to do things. Although we sat on different ends of the office, he was constantly in my section (again, any excuse to get my attention!), and we’d always drink together at Thursday happy hours. The more time we spent together the more I found myself falling for him, but I felt it was unprofessional to date someone I worked with, and resisted any attempts he made to take our relationship “to the next level.” Jonathan’s affections were not subtle, and soon my coworkers were asking about what was going on between us. I constantly denied it (it wasn’t true – yet!) but soon decided that if everyone already suspected it, what was the harm in pursuing it? Finally I relented, and Jonathan took me on a wonderful first date to the Stanton Social, a favorite of his that I had yet to try. I still remember how nervous I was in the taxi on my way there (despite the fact that I saw this man every day), how great he looked all dressed up, and how sophisticated he was talking me through the menu and making recommendations on dishes for us to share. 6 years, 3 apartments, 2 jobs, 1 cross-country move, a dog and a cat later, and we are engaged! (below, the first photo we ever took as a couple, two months after we started dating)

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Celebrating my 25th birthday, 4 months after we started dating …

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how they asked

We moved to San Francisco from New York two years ago for Jonathan’s job. New York is our home; we were both born and raised there (Jonathan in Queens, I in Manhattan), so leaving my family and friends was the hardest part about moving across the country. I constantly tell Jonathan how much I miss my loved ones back on the East Coast, so he knew that he couldn’t propose to me without making sure they were there to celebrate. We were heading back for a friend’s wedding on Saturday, and then would be celebrating 4th of July with friends 3 days later. On July 3rd, Jonathan planned a dinner for just us two at the Stanton Social, the restaurant we went to on our first date. I had my suspicions, but he made this dinner seem perfectly ordinary (we were running late and he had me call to push back our reservation, he’d forgotten to pack a dress shirt to wear). I figured it was just a good excuse to spend some quality time together in the place we fell in love, something we rarely get to do since trips home are usually filled spending as much time with friends and family as possible. We had some drinks at the bar, then were seated at our favorite table, the back booth overlooking the rest of the restaurant. Starving, we ordered a ton of small plates, which are designed to come out as they are ready. Our first couple of plates were quickly devoured, and there was a lull in the meal as we waited for our next courses to arrive. It was at that moment Jonathan decided to pop the question! Completely caught off guard, I said “yes” the second I saw the ring box, barely giving Jonathan a chance to even ask. Needless to say, we were so exuberant that our appetites disappeared and we ended up wrapping the remaining dishes to go (we still had room for dessert though!). The next day was a whirlwind of excitement; Jonathan had arranged for us to stay with my mother that evening (we usually stay with his parents), and have a celebratory breakfast with her in the morning. Then it was off to lunch with his family, followed by the “4th of July” party – which was actually a surprise engagement party Jonathan had arranged with our friends!! Our trip home was truly the best vacation of my life, and I am so lucky I get to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful, thoughtful, loving man! (Jonathan in his t-shirt!!)

Celebrating with Jonathan’s family

Jonathan at our surprise engagement celebration!

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