Jonai and Nate's Baseball Proposal

How We Met

I was in 8th grade when I first met Nate. He was a super cute 9th grader who came with his dad to teach our softball team some hitting techniques. I’m pretty sure I fell in love with him that day, but he was not only way out of my league, he was also my best friend’s older brother.

how they asked

Fast forward a few years to 2015, where Nate is currently an assistant baseball coach at a local junior college, and also the world’s most dedicated Angels baseball fan. Once a year, his junior college boys get to play a game at Angel Stadium, so I wasn’t surprised when Nate told me to mark my calendar on October 28 so that I could come watch the guys play. I headed to the field after work, excited to sit in the Diamond Club seats (ha!) and watch a great game. As the 10 inning game was wrapping up, Nate’s mom, who also attended the game with us, urged me to “sneak” onto the field to grab a photo at home plate. I nervously snuck onto the field, sure I would be kicked off at any moment. After we took one photo together, I turned to run off the field, but Nate stopped me. He nervously stripped off his coach’s uniform to reveal his beloved Angels jersey. And right there, at home plate, under the bright lights, surrounded by players and friends and family, Nate got down on one knee and pulled a baseball out of his pocket. Inside the cut-open baseball was a ring, and that’s when it finally hit me that my best friend, who I had a crush on since 8th grade, had just asked me to marry him. He is my biggest homerun.

Image 1 of Jonai and Nate

Image 2 of Jonai and Nate