Jon and Veronica; Niagara Falls Proposal

169205_10151025318102803_54002924_oHow We Met: Jon’s from NY and I’m a native AZ girl, he had moved here for work and I was looking to date outside my circle so I took the risk of online dating, he was reluctantly thrown into it by his family. We talked for a few weeks before we met for dinner in April, he was sweet and kind and very respectful, at dinner we talked and afterwards we took a walk . There’s about 100 miles between our homes but we kept in touch. That same August i had agreed to be his date to his best friend’s wedding, but things didn’t work out. That following October he invited me out to Buffalo NY to spend some time together. He flew out from Tucson and i flew out from Phoenix a day later. I arrived at the airport and he was there waiting, helped me with my bags, opened every door on our way out and at the car. He has that chivalrous charm, that lasted the entire trip. It was technically our second date that was expected to last a few days. The entire time Jon was a complete gentleman, taking me out to his favorite restaurants, showing me around town and even a drive up to Niagara Falls. Seeing Jon in his own environment with his family and friends I was starting to really like him, he was always to helpful and even his big sister looked up to him. I soon realized I was completely smitten and the third day we kissed! We held hand the rest of the trip while he drove me through beautiful parks with trees the color of fire as the cold started to roll in at nights.

how they asked: Jon travels back to the Niagara area a few times a year, I usually can’t because of work, but this time we planned on being there for Easter during a school break for for my daughter. Jon had been fishing for ideas for a ring for what seemed like a long long time, every time he brought up getting engaged I would convey that I wanted to be surprised! He never stopped asking for my thoughts on the perfect ring. Many months had passed, however, and I just put the thought out of my mind. So, we flew out to see his family for Easter and we planned a visit to the falls again, this was Jayla’s first time there so I was so distracted with making sure she was having a good time.

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At a certain point, I had handed Jon’s sister my camera to take a few pics on a beautiful pathway towards goat island. We posed for a few pics and then I jokingly said we should fake a proposal since his sister was far enough away to not be in on the joke. He got down on a bended knee rather slow – I might add since he had hurt himself hiking recently. I proceeded to hold my hand out like they do in the movies, but he never reached for it. (Meanwhile I’m brainstorming on the reaction I should have, fake surprised or super animated surprised since it was a joke for his sister’s benefit)


He’s on his knee and he hasn’t gripped my hand so I looked down at him and he raises his hand farther up then where mine is hovering and I’m thinking you missed my hand silly.



But as he raises it between our gaze, I see something sparkly. My first reaction is that I dropped my blue topaz ring he gifted me previously, but I realize it’s not blue. So I think, hey that’s not my ring… then it hits me. THAT’S MY RING!!! and I throw up my hands completely shocked like (SEE BLURRY PIC).


I”m completely taken back and my eyes well up with tears and i said to him “You tricked me” and he says “Well… Will you marry me?” … I said “yes”


All that time harping that I wanted to be surprised and he got me, I didn’t expect it, he did good.


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