Hannah and Jon

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How We Met

Jon and I met in drivers-ed. I had seen him walking around school before, but as a sophomore and him being a junior, I never said much. Jon always had a gaggle of friends surrounding him, definitely the joke-cracker of the group and kept everyone smiling and laughing. When I saw he was on my drivers-ed class list my 15-year-old self got giddy, which to this day my family still laughs at me for.

Drivers-ed class started and my crush on Jon was pretty obvious. He did the things any high-school boy would do to a younger girl that he knows has a crush on him. I remember one day I went to the bathroom during the drivers-ed course. Jon took my phone while I was out of the room and texted my best friend at the time. The text read “Who do I like again?” Her response was: “Jon, right? That guy in your drivers-ed class.” He hasn’t let me live that down to this day. I think he played the crush to his advantage at that point and decided to ask for my help with the daily quizzes we had. He promised that if he did well overall in the class he would take me to a Hurricanes Hockey Game. The hockey game never happened to my disappointment.

Towards the end of my sophomore year I was “dating” someone else from another school. I say “dating” because I don’t think I even really liked the guy – one of my best friends just so happened to be dating his best friend. Jon and I ran into each other in the hallway when everyone else was in class – the school was silent. He asked me to send him a text message. I never did, naturally playing hard to get thinking to myself, “now he wants to pay me some real attention”. Sure enough, my phone lit up 20 minutes later with a message from Jon. I pushed him off.

We ended up connecting again months later when I sent him a text message late one summer night. We talked for the rest of the summer and never actually got to hang out in person until the school year started up again. The first day of school we had plans to meet up at my car after school and decide what to do at that point. We hung out every day after school after that first day together.

how they asked

Almost 7 years later and we find ourselves living together in downtown Raleigh, NC. I spent the day with my parents picking out finishes for their new home while Jon was at work. He sent me a text at the end of his workday asking if I was home yet. I was and not really feeling that great. All I really wanted was to order pizza and sit on the couch all night watching reruns of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. All week he had been saying that we were going to have a date night on Saturday night. Living together, most of our date nights had become spontaneous. He let me know that he was running to the mall real quick to get a polo to wear that night and as soon as he got home he ran into the bathroom. He shouted out “don’t come in here, I have a situation going on in here…” and he locked the door. This had me laughing, but maybe to your surprise this wasn’t out of the ordinary weirdness for us.

Come to find out later, there was no real situation in the bathroom. He had the ring in the bathroom and didn’t want to chance me seeing it while he was in the shower. He told me he wanted to check out a new store downtown before we headed to dinner. We pulled up in front of the Capital Building downtown and parked. He told me the store was on the other side of the building so we had to walk through the front courtyard to get there.

As we were walking through and approaching the steps that would lead to the street I saw a photographer taking pictures of downtown standing in the courtyard. There was a man standing in front of the photographer on the stairs blocking the shot. I pointed this out to Jon and he agreed with me that it was pretty rude. Then Jon started leading me into the shot…I turned to him and questioned why when we just talked about the person blocking the shot being rude.

He pulled me close and said “you know I love you, right?” at that point he started to tear up and it clicked. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I asked him if he was joking and when he said no I burst into tears. I exclaimed “and I was gonna ask you to order pizza tonight!” We both laughed and soaked in the moment. At this point I still thought we were blocking the photographer’s shot.

Turns out the photographer was there on purpose and did a great job of capturing some amazing moments. I was completely shocked, he pulled off an incredible surprise. I’m so thankful he put so much thought into the moment and had a photographer there so we have these moments to treasure for a lifetime. I love you Jon and can’t wait for forever with you.

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