Jon and Alisa

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How we met

Both Jon and I grew up in different city’s. He a city boy who later turned “red neck” and laid back beach town kind of a girl. We both received athletic scholarships from SJSU for our sports: football and water polo. With athletics bringing us to the same location, it was in Gods plan all along. Our paths crossed a time or two before, but it wasn’t until my Junior year and his Senior year that everything changed.

At a backyard BBQ in early fall, Jon and I officially talked in a flirtatious way, for the first time. This time, we were both single, had discovered what we wanted from a relationship and we’re ready to fall in love. It might have taken a little convincing on Jon’s part, but we finally had our first date about 3 months later. We went to Christmas in the Park in San Jose. This is where the first spark was discovered. Soon after this first date, Jon was off to a bowl game and I was headed home for the Holliday’s. After winning the Military Bowl and heading home, we could hardly wait to see each other again. Jon drove down to Southern California to spend New Years together and on January 2nd, 2013 we officially became a couple and have never looked back since.

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how they asked

We decided to join my parents for a week long camping trip for the 4th of July in West Lake Tahoe. To days prior to him asking, he went fishing with my dad in the morning. During this boys only fishing trip, he asked my dad for my hand in marriage. On July 7, 2016 me, my dad, and Jon went fishing early that morning on the Truckee River. After about 10 minutes of fishing dad caught the most beautiful trout he’s ever caught on the Truckee. After a battle getting the fish in the net, we finally caught dad’s trophy fish. This was great bonding time for the three of us and an activity that holds a very sentimental place in our hearts.

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After we got back from fishing everyone got ready to go to the lake. It was our last day in Tahoe and it was to be spent sitting by the water, relaxing, and kayaking. Once arriving to the lake, I was eager to get in the water, but Jon started complaining about his stomach. I asked him if he was okay but he looked a little funny and he wasn’t really responding. Soon after I realized he wasn’t himself, he got a phone call and he turned as white as a ghost. He was hardly able to speak any words and tried not to show any emotion. After a little while we decided to get up and go for a walk to help the “pain”. Once he stood up I noticed something in his pocket. I became suspicious but seemed to have ignored it. Once on our walk, instead of normally waking by the water, he v-lined toward the gazebo. Once coming up the hill I saw my sister hiding behind a tree but tried my best not to say anything. This was the moment I realized what was about to happen.

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Once we got the the gazebo he faced me out to the water and sat me down. The location he chose made me feel at ease. I knew what was about to happen but I felt comfortable because of how often I had been in that spot before. When my sister and I were little we would reply the sene from The Sound of Music in that gazebo. My Grandpas ashes were also speared nearby. Tahoe in itself use to hold a nostalgic love behind it, but now it is home to the memory of the day that changed my life.

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Honestly, I can’t recall what Jon actually said before he asked officially asked. I thought it was simply will you marry me? After watching the length of the video, I was clearly wrong. I hope someday my Grandchildren will hear about this magical place and fall in love with it as much as Jon and I have. It means the world to me that he asked me when we were also both perfectly placed in my Water Polo and he in his Football shirt. This proposal could not have been more relaxed and simply us.

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Finally, the last benefit that meant a lot, was the fact that he made sure both sides of the families were present for this occasion. I had no idea his side would be there and after he asked. When they all came running up, it was another pleasant surprise. Just the well thought out and meaningful touches he included, meant everything. I was the little things like making sure we were both wearing out matching Tahoe hats to making reservations to celebrate afterwards. It was a magical day that will never be forgotten.

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