Joli and Dane

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Zion National Park

How We Met

We are both in the military and have been since the day we met in 2013. We met at Flight Training in CO and hit it off over MA, where we are from, while both living in TX (confusing, I know). After training, we continued talking for a few months, until one day Dane decided to visit my half of Texas. After spending just a few hours together, we knew there was something happening between us. When I moved away from Texas just about a month later, we continued texting every once in a while until I flew out to his Pilot Training graduation 6 months later. That is when we decided that we had something too special to pass up and took our chances at long distance dating. After 4 years of long distance dating, and endless adventures, we’re glad we took that chance.

how they asked

After 4 years of long distance dating from across the state of TX, to across the country, to across the world, we decided to go camping at Zion National Park on Columbus Day Weekend. It was our first time camping together and my first time camping EVER. We did Angel’s Landing hike, the scariest and hardest hike I’ve ever been on. At the peak, we found a place to sit down for lunch and take pictures. As I took pictures of the beautiful canyon, I heard him behind me say “I told you this would be worth it” and I turned around and he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. We have enjoyed the adventures long distance has brought us, but we are a lot more excited for the adventure ahead…together.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Zion National Park