Jolette and Johnny

How We Met, her side: Johnny and I met in the spring of 2008 while working on the same floor of an internet company in downtown LA. While I quickly developed a crush, Johnny seemed to remain clueless of my existence for nearly a year (although he claims this isn’t true). Between happy hours, birthday parties and inventing reasons to walk by his desk and talk, Johnny and I slowly began to grow as friends outside the office. And then one evening, when a mutual friend canceled on plans, the two of us decided to still go out together—and we’ve been together ever since.


One of the first indications our relationship would withstand the test of time was our first vacation together to South America. What began as one canceled flight eventually led to missed flights, sleepless nights, multiple clothing purchases, sprinting through the Sao Paulo Airport, and being booked on a flight that never existed. Where most people would have let the frustration turn to fighting or tears, Johnny and I laughed and stayed positive throughout the adventure. We knew we had something special.

It’s been over 4 years now and our life together has continued to take us on so many more adventures. Johnny has taught me about excel spreadsheets, the stock market and the names of all 30 major league baseball teams. In turn I have taught him how to Indian leg wrestle, try different foods and the names of the Real Housewives of Orange County. We are so excited to continue learning and sharing adventures with one another as we embark on our most exciting journey yet!​

how they asked, his side: Jolette and I woke the morning of Saturday June 15th to breakfast and coffee on our hotel balcony. To Jolette, we were preparing for a day at the beach as part of a weekend in Bermuda to celebrate her birthday. For me, after much planning and with a ring in hand, today was the day I would ask her to marry me.

​I always knew Jolette was the one. I knew where in Bermuda I wanted to propose and what I wanted to say. But as the hours approached, a few last minute thoughts were going through my head: (1) where do I hide this ring box? (2) With a downpour all morning and the hourly forecast showing 100% chance of rain, how special will a proposal in ponchos and pouring rain be? (3) What are the odds that Jolette would turn the channel to an episode of Golden Girls where Rose being proposed to was the plot line?

Luck was on our side as Jolette decided to take a shower during that particular episode of Golden Girls, and the rain clouds disappeared in the early afternoon allowing us to explore the scenic and mostly private beaches along Bermuda’s south shore. After a couple of hours of walking, Jolette and I found a private spot near Jobson’s Cove and laid out beach towels to relax. As we sat and watched the ocean waves, I shared my feelings with Jolette and then – a bit unorthodox since we were sitting – rose to a knee and proposed. Jolette responded with a shocked and tearful “Of course!” to which I responded “Is that a yes??” while tackling her in the sand.

Afterwards, a father and daughter who had been fishing in a nearby cove walked by and we asked if they would take our photo. The daughter, perhaps sensing our excitement and the importance of the moment, said “Take a good photo Dad!!”