Jolene and Trevor

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How We Met

I saw Trevor walking past me at a large convention, and immediately turned to my sister and said “Oh, there goes my husband”. Ha! I made sure to run into him and his friends later that day, and the rest is history. He asked for my number, and we have talked everyday since :)

how they asked

When Trevor asked me to go to a play I loved as a child, I was so excited. My favorite song goes “Go home, go home, go home with Bonnie Jean”. I sang it all morning getting ready. I was so excited when we even got front row seats! At the end of the play, during final bows, Trevor got on stage and called me up. He said “Jolene, I love you so much. And even though I’m going to leave the singing to them, I want to go home, go home, go home with my Jolene. Will you please marry me?” I of course said yes! And sure enough the cast (who he had called to set all this up) sang the song with my name in it. Best moment ever :)

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Amanda Adams
 | Photographer