Jolene and Evan

How We Met

Our story starts 18 years ago in high school. Evan was in a group called Pacific Cadence. I was an average teenager with nothing as exciting but really feel in love with this interesting young man, handsome, smart, and in his our musically group. I would go and see his group perform at our local Ice Creamery and other local locations. After small talk at school (he was in the “cool” crowd) and finding confidence, I left my number for him after one of his shows.

I thought he would never respond because all the ladies were after him. Ha! But he did… and our friendship grew into a relationship, breaking all stereotypes and boundaries, growing and changing everyday. He is my best friend, my children’s father, my lover, my everything. I’m not sure what I would do without him. We have both changed so much, physically and mentally through these last 18 years and that is what makes our love strong. We love each other beyond any expectations. We love each other everyday in a different way.

how they asked

Our story starts 18 years ago in high school. Evan was in music and I would attend his groups performances at a local creamery. I left my number after one of their shows and the rest is history!

We have dated ever since. Been through high school and college graduation, two children, starting of careers, surgeries, families loss’ and growths. I didn’t think marriage was in our future since we have already solidified our love for one another, forever growing with the challenges and wonders of each day.

Evan and I like to have friends over for cocktail nights as much as we can wrangle everyone together. It’s usually a kid free time to catch up and enjoy one another’s company. This was one such night. Our sitter had canceled and we had our kids and more people had shown up than usual. I didn’t think anything of it… but just people had an open night and really wanted to get together.

After a few cocktails and chit chat we played charades. A common game for our adventurous evenings. It has been more than once when either Evan or myself got stuck with a word describing marriage, or being a bride or groom, or something to do with vows. We always chuckle, ha ha, joke on us, with people guessing “something you should have done long ago”, or “always a bridesmaid never a bride”. However, we were all in a shock this time.

You can tell I’m a few sangrias in because I don’t realize how many people are videotaping the game of charades. I play along with Evan needing to use me as a prop. He starts off slow dancing, having fun, then gets down on one knee, I think it’s a terrible joke, why would someone give us this word again…. but I was wrong. Evan stayed on his knee to tell me how much our lives have been blended together and now it’s time to seal the deal and become husband and wife. Still in shock he reminds me to answer this long forgotten question and we slow dance (me crying hysterically and our kids yelling “wedding day, wedding day- so proud they could attend charades and get the correct answer).

I’m so glad our friends were there that night. A fun cocktail night became an engagement party all in one and now we get to celebrate again with even more friends and family. We might even play a little charades…

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