Jojo and Mikey

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How We Met

As novel as it sounds, Mikey & I first met on the 4th floor of building “901 Marshall” half past twelve on the 9th of August (a little over three years ago). I remember this day unquestionably because I arrived lost to my interview, circling the halls by the elevators when Mikey found and walked me in. Two months later, I received an offer from HR, and as of October 2016 Mikey and I became counterparts in the ER. That day, I was exactly where I needed to be, even before I knew the person I turned around to was my fiancé today.

How They Asked

Although we don’t always get to share, Mikey & I really love to travel. Of our years together, we have probably spent more than a third of our relationship at the airport, and if not with family & friends, then we’re likely not at home. Last month was our Euro trip and while planning for this, Mikey had his mind set on visiting the arctic and I had my mind on staying in an igloo. We both wanted to see the northern lights again, so after landing in Norway, we drove another 3-hours to reach Lyngen North.

Jojo's Proposal in Norway, Lyngen North

It was unfortunate that we did not catch the northern lights, nevertheless, we spent a night amongst stars. Then waking up surrounded by mountains and water was surreal, it literally took my breath away.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Norway, Lyngen North

We were living below freezing point, but I’ll choose to do it again, and again. This was the place, the view, and the moment. Never would I have imagined being taken to the ends of earth, to stand in the arctic and feel & live a moment that can’t be described.

Norway, you will forever be in the books. We didn’t catch the northern lights, but we might have caught something else that shined brighter that day.

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