Jojo and Jeff

How We Met

We first met eight years ago, when Jeff was a guest judge for a school competition I was training for – which meant he was grilling me with hard questions and I thought he was a big meanie! A day later, he asked me out – we have been going out since but sometimes I still think he’s a big meanie :)

how they asked

It was intended to be a surprise but there were a few giveaways – I mean, staying at the Bowery Hotel instead of my Soho apartment was a bit funny! Anyway, we were headed to the hotel to freshen up before meeting our friends for dinner (or so I thought) – turns out our previous room ‘had a leak or something’ so our rooms got switched… mmhmm… So we head up to what turned out to be the Penthouse suite – as soon as the door was opened, there were flowers everywhere… He leads me to the Rooftop Terrace, overlooking the dusky Manhattan skyline – and that’s how they asked.

Special Thanks

Anée Atelier
The Bowery Hotel
NYC Flower Project
Floral designer
Luxe Proposals