Johnny and Jenna

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How We Met

I’m a firm believer in ‘all things happen for a reason.’ I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone. The upside was that I had a lot of friends but the downside was that I had known mostly all of them since elementary school, including the boys. It’s nearly impossible to date someone you once saw eating glue in class so naturally, I always dreamed I’d meet a guy from somewhere far away. It wasn’t until a going away party almost 7 years ago that one of those crazy elementary guy friends would introduce me to his new friend from Seattle, Johnny. I could have spent the entire night talking to him. Unfortunately, the going away party was actually for him and my friend who was moving back to Seattle.

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From the first day he left, we spent all our time talking on the phone or texting. I loved getting to know everything about him. He would come visit Oklahoma every chance he could to see me and we grew closer every minute. Those were the best times. Our love for each other was like no other. Soon we realized we could no longer be states apart. Johnny moved back to Oklahoma where we finally began our life together! Things got even more exciting when we found out we were expecting our beautiful baby girl, Nox Diem, into the world!

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how they asked

A few months back, my friend Audrey Bolt with Bolt Photography had asked me to do a bridal shoot for her in a gorgeous wedding dress! I had done a photoshoot for her in the past, but this time she said we would be at a venue that would be set up as if it were my actual wedding day! I was already nervous enough, but to make things even more intense, she asked if Johnny would want to be in the photoshoot as the groom! I had no hesitations asking him to be in it, but the thought of us posing as bride and groom and not actually being married yet made me hesitate to not choke him!

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We showed up to Grassroots Vintage, the most beautiful countryside venue where we met a full team of ladies! The owner, baker, florist, make up artist & hair stylist! I couldn’t be more nervous but little did I know they were all nervous about something as well. Somewhere in time, Johnny had let all the ladies in on his plan and I had no idea what was about to happen. As I got my makeup done, Johnny put on his tux and Audrey asked that he take some solos and they’d left me alone to put on my dress and finish preparing. Audrey had this beautiful idea that we’d actually play out the whole photo shoot as if it were the real deal so Johnny wasn’t able to see me until I was ready to “walk down the aisle”. The setup was perfect!

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We kissed, and held hands and posed together in some of the most amazing locations. And then came the last pose. Audrey said she wanted one more picture, and just before she raised her camera, she looked at Johnny and said: “Ok, Go ahead!”…and then he got down on one knee. He told me how much he loved me and then asked those 4 amazing words… WILL YOU MARRY ME? I course said YES!! It was the perfect day, filled with lots of love & happiness.

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