Johnathan and Tiahna

How We Met

We met in middle school because we were both cheerleaders, but we were on different teams that went to the same competitions and cheer camps. I thought she was the prettiest girl ever since 7th grade, but she was a year below me. We were just acquaintances for a while until she started to come to my church’s youth group her Senior year because she was dating a boy that went there. They graduated and were heading to college, so he went to Alabama and she stayed in Jacksonville, FL where we are from. I had to stay home in my sophomore year of college because of some surgeries I had due to cheer and so I got to spend my sophomore year in Jacksonville.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Juneau, Alaska on the Mendenhall Glacier

Johnathan and Tiahna's Engagement in Juneau, Alaska on the Mendenhall Glacier

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Juneau, Alaska on the Mendenhall Glacier

She started her freshman year at a community college and her boyfriend at the time got caught up in the middle of college life and just didn’t talk to her. They eventually broke up and so then a couple of months later I find out and decide to sweep in and see if she wanted to hang out actually as friends. So we hung out with some other friends for the first time on Black Friday 2015! Then a couple of weeks later I surprised her at a State Football Championship game because she was the cheer coach at the time and on the way home from that I told her I liked her and then 2 weeks after we started dating! We have been together for 4 years this December 2019! P.s. Thanks, ex-boyfriend for breaking her heart so that I can have it!

How They Asked

My family planned a college graduation present for me during my freshman year of college to go on a cruise. We decided to go to Alaska and only planned for 3 to go! Well, in my junior year of college I planned on proposing in some form or fashion, but I didn’t know-how. My parents talked to me and said would you like Tiahna to go to Alaska with us and I told them, “Of course!”. Then a few months later my parents found out I was going to propose soon so my mom gave me the idea to propose sometime on the cruise. I thought that was a perfect idea because exactly one year from then she would be done with school.

So I started to talk with some friends at college and one of my friends gave me the idea to do it on one of the glacier tours! I responded with, “That would be the most epic proposal ever!” Then all my friends encouraged me to do it, so I called up my parents and asked if we could swing it and they said of course. So I searched for a ring and bought it waiting for that one moment. We got to the cruise and our first stop was Juneau, Alaska. We got into our excursion and flew a helicopter over the Mendenhall Glacier. We landed and I told our tour guide to find me the perfect spot to propose and so he said, “I got you, my man!” So I trusted him and the moment couldn’t have turned out better than it did! She had absolutely no idea it was coming and she was soooooo shocked!

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