John and Vanessa

Where to Propose in Jamesport, NY

How We Met

I was walking through town in Split, Croatia trying to decide on where to eat dinner when suddenly I saw HER. There was a table with three attractive girls sitting outside on the patio with an open table next to them. I asked my buddy if he wanted to eat there with a hidden agenda in mind(we need to hang out with these girls). The hostess tried sitting us at a table inside but I requested the open table next to the girls. My request was granted. The entire time we were sitting there we were trying to think of a way to strike a conversation, but couldn’t. It wasn’t until dessert when one of the girls asked us to take a picture of them, BOOM we are in! We came to find that these girls were also from the United States! We spent the next two days hanging out with these girls when I really clicked with Vanessa. At first, I thought she was loud and annoying but then I fell in love.

At the time Vanessa lived in Ohio, I in New York. We continued a long-distance relationship and seeing each other once in a while until I got her to move to NYC. (After all, who doesn’t want to live in NYC!?) Our first year in NYC was an absolute blast, we definitely made the best of the city. Later that year we planned a trip to Spain, it was magically and ended up conceiving a child! Met in Croatia, conceived a child in Spain.. what a story!

How They Asked

We’ve always discussed getting married but the whole baby thing just made it REAL! The plan was to get engaged before the baby was born. I got on the ball right away as I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. The plan was to propose the weekend of her baby shower when all her friends were flying in. Fast forward a few months, the unthinkable happens; a freakin Pandemic! Baby shower, cancelled. Friends coming to visit, canceled. Normal life as we knew it, canceled.

John's Proposal in Jamesport, NY

My proposal plan, squashed. We had to temporality leave NYC and live at my vacation home out east for an indefinite amount of time. Luckily, I brought the ring with me! After three weeks of not being allowed to go out or doing anything, I told Vanessa I was planning a date night at home. I told her I was building something in the garage and, to not enter. 12 amazon packages, numerous hardware store trips, and after 9 hours of labor and the masterpiece was ready. Click the video below to watch our quarantine engagement

Our Video

Special Thanks

Austin Collins
 | Videographer