Shauna and John

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How We Met

John and I met at work of all places. I had just started at The Boston Globe/ on the digital marketing team, and John started two months later as a marketing manager. I can remember seeing him for the first time and thinking, “who is that?” because he was so cute! The first meeting we were in together happened a day after he had caught my eye in the halls. I kept trying to look up over my notebook to get a glimpse of him without him noticing. After we walked out of the meeting to our desks, I noticed that he was sitting on the same floor as me, a few rows over.

As luck would have it, the floor was rearranged and John got placed diagonally across from my cube, which made for lots of funny excuses to talk to each other, like asking for a piece of gum, a pen, is your printer working…you get the idea. I can remember telling my friends about him and the initial email he sent to get my attention, they all teased me saying how it was so clear how much he liked me. After a week’s worth of innocent back and forth we went to get lunch together and a summer of lunches, laughing and flirting ensued. That September we went on our first official date and have been inseparable since.

how they asked

We bought our first house last summer and have been busy making changes to make the house truly our home. On an unsuspecting Thursday night, after getting back from a long day of work, I was standing in our kitchen starting to get dinner ready. I could hear John come up behind me, and his voice shaky, start talking about love. He mentioned that he regretted that during a trip to Philadelphia that we didn’t take a photo in front of the iconic love sculpture (as I had politely harassed him all trip long to do so), and then said he didn’t regret saying, “I love you first”.

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I knew at that moment what was happening and I turned around, there he was smiling nervously with a piece of notebook paper in his hand.

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As he realized that I knew what was about to happen, he told me that weekend, while I was traveling, he asked my dad for my hand and had written down his notes in order to not nervously forget anything he wanted to make sure he told my father during their conversation.

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He told me it was very important for him to ask this once in a lifetime question in a home that we built together, the same spot where we celebrated buying it just under one year ago.

Special Thanks

Elayna Bartolacci
 | Photographer