John and Sara

How We Met

Sara and I both went to Brock University for our undergraduate degrees. Despite a number of mutual friends, we had never been formally introduced during the time we both spent there. But all that changed with just one tweet.

I was asked to host a “Tuesday Takeover” for our university’s Snapchat account. I posted career-minded advice about my current job, career aspirations, and tips for university students. But throughout the course of the day, noticed that someone had been taking screenshots of my posts. I thought nothing of it. When I logged back into my own account at the end of the day, a message was waiting for me. Meghan, a mutual friend of Sara and mine, had sent me a tweet. Little did I know it would change my life entirely.

Sara was impressed by my professional demeanor and goal-oriented mindset (among other things). She began her quest to meet the “yummy man” she saw on Snapchat with the following tweet:

John's Proposal in Queen's University

Sara and I met soon thereafter and fell for one another even faster.

How They Asked

I always had the idea of proposing to Sara at my law school graduation. I thought it was only fitting that my special day also be hers. Sara was such an integral part of my accomplishments in law school. She would regularly drive several hours to spend weekends with me in Kingston, and her constant encouragement gave me confidence during on-campus job interviews, final exams and the like. As graduation day grew closer, I became more and more certain.

My dad helped me pick out the perfect ring for the occasion: a timeless solitaire diamond set into a pavé band that matches Sara’s elegance in simplicity. Once I had the ring in my hands, I visited Sara’s parents to get their blessing to marry their daughter. Some may think it’s out of touch, but the traditional thing was a very important touch to Sara and I because of our strong relationship with our parents. After all, you don’t just marry a person, you marry their family as well!

Shortly after my convocation ceremony—still in my hood and gown—we set up some photos with my best friends and family members. Among the crowds and many distractions, my sister Kristen slipped me the ring box which she had hidden in her purse the entire day, including during the ceremony when she beside Sara. The plan was to make our way over to a quiet area disguised as a “photo shoot” and pop the question there. Queen’s University has some beautiful limestone buildings, and the gorgeous sunshine made picking the perfect spot an easy feat.

After a few photos, I turned to Sara with some words of gratitude I had prepared for her. She didn’t quite realize what I was doing until I reached into my pocket and got down to my knee. It was a total surprise for Sara! Luckily my sister was able to capture the moment frame by frame in the photos below.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Queen's University

When all was said and done, Sara and I slipped into some comfy clothes (matching AC/DC t-shirts and athletic shorts) and celebrated with a three-hour drive back to Toronto. The alone-time was an amazing way to reflect on the day and discuss our partnership in the many years to come.