Rebecca and John

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How We Met

Before we met, I first heard about John after the company I was working for went through a merger. We were running low on office space and I was asked if I wanted to work from home. I couldn’t help but wonder who would take my coveted office space. I later learned it was a new sales manager named John. I went about my business and hoped the new guy named John enjoyed my old office. It wasn’t until 6 months later we first met at a company kickball game.

March Madness was upon us and my favorite hometown team, Duke, was scheduled to play directly after our kickball game. I contemplated bailing on the kickball team at the risk of missing the game but I had already committed to playing and begrudgingly headed to the park to meet up with my colleagues. As I walked to the field from the parking lot, I noticed a tall guy in the distance wearing a Duke hat and shirt. I walked onto the field and immediately locked eyes with him. He had a huge smile on his face, like I was a long lost friend that he was ecstatic to see again. I realized I was beaming too, and it was truly a connection unlike any other and difficult to put into words.

In that moment I knew this was extraordinarily different in the best way possible. He introduced himself and we made the connection that he was the one that inherited my office. Apparently it took a few weeks for his new office name tag to be printed and he was stuck with my name outside of his door. We won the kickball game and went to celebrate with everyone at a local bar. We cheered on Duke together and shared each other’s misery as they lost their place in the tournament. Our disappointment didn’t last long. Two days later John asked me out on our first date and we have been inseparable ever since!

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how they asked

I am the third out of four children. We are a very close knit family and I am especially close with my oldest sister Rachel, since we live 25 minutes away from each other. Rachel and my brother-in-law Nick naturally became my screeners for vetting potential boyfriends. I knew they would love John without any hesitations, and we all began hanging out on a regular basis. We often babysat their children Carter (7) and Will (2). One day Carter asked if she should call John “Uncle John” and Rachel responded, “not yet, but for now, you can call him Rebecca’s special friend John”. This was a complete joke that stuck and every time we saw Carter she would joyfully yell “special friend John is here!”

Nearly one year after John and I met, Rachel asked if I wanted to go to the park with her and the kids and asked if there was anywhere near my house we could go since Carter had an after school activity she needed to attend. I mentioned there was a park down the road from me, and while it wasn’t the prettiest of parks, they had a few fields where the kids could run around and a dog park where my dog, Kenai, could play. She said that sounded great and we made plans to meet later in the week.

I wasn’t feeling 100% when the park day came, so I threw my hair into a ponytail and put on a pair of yoga pants and out the door I went. To put this into context, I am a girly girl at heart and love any excuse to wear a full face of makeup and put on a pair of heels. To say I could care less about my appearance on this day was an understatement. We arrived at the park and Rachel told me to wait down by the fields with my dog and Carter’s soccer ball while she took the kids to the bathroom. I was playing with my dog and wondering what was taking them so long when I saw Carter walk down the hill with a large poster board. Then I saw Rachel and Will walk down with another sign.

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Confused as ever, I finally saw John walking down the hill with flowers. My heart began to race and tears of joy began running down my face. This was the moment I had been dreaming of, with my dream person, all happening in reality. With that same big smile on his face, he reminded me this was the place we first met, and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t have said YES any faster and will cherish that moment forever.

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I still can’t believe I didn’t put the pieces together sooner but my sister and John did a fantastic job with planning and I was completely oblivious until the moment I saw him. I even thought the photographer was a random woman taking nature pictures at the park (thank you Red Bridge Photography!) It was by far the best surprise of my life! He’s my biggest supporter, partner in crime, and best friend. I can’t imagine life without him and can’t wait for our wedding in October 2018!

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