John and Meghan

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how we met

Meghan and I met in February of 2011 working in digital advertising at a joint venture founded by the New York Times, Hearst, Tribune, and Gannett. We worked together and dated for a little over a year but kept it a secret until Meghan left to work for one of the parent companies, Hearst, on the magazine Esquire.

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how they asked

I’d been planning the proposal since Thanksgiving 2015, when I asked her father permission while playing golf out in New Jersey. I bought the ring over Christmas at a local jeweler in my hometown of Charlotte, NC, with the plan of asking on the same day of our first date, 5 years ago. (2.5.16) I asked her friend Amanda if she would help to get Meghan on the Brooklyn bridge that night just before sunset so that she wouldn’t be suspicious (especially since we were walking the bridge in early February, right after a snow storm). I wanted to catch the Manhattan skyline in the background as a fun way to remember the city we met in.

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After the proposal, we parted ways with Amanda and her boyfriend, and headed to dinner in mid-town. Unbeknownst to Meghan, I flew in my family from NC and had both her family and mine at the restaurant waiting to surprise her, again. We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with friends and family, and our wedding is set for June 3rd, 2017 in the Finger Lakes, NY!

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