John and Maddie

Image 1 of Madelaine and John

how we met

We met through an online dating site called “OkCupid”. We spoke for about a month on the website before meeting. From the start, John and I always had a great foundation of friendship – being able to act like friends and be silly and open with each other. That’s one of my favorite things about us.

Image 2 of Madelaine and John

how they asked

John talked to my parents about a week before he proposed. He made me believe we were going to an opera so we would look nice, but we stopped at a nature preserve to walk around before dinner. He took me to a secluded spot on a bridge and asked me to marry him. He got my best friend and roommate, Natalie, to film it all and take pictures.

Image 3 of Madelaine and John

Afterwards we were actually going to dinner and he got my whole family and his family to come to dinner and celebrate our engagement. My family means everything to me, so I’m so happy they were a part of our special day and start of our lives.

Image 4 of Madelaine and John

Image 5 of Madelaine and John

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