Kelly and John

Proposal Ideas Lake Rotoroa, New Zealand

How We Met

John messaged me on as we were both members. I kept refusing to meet him for a while but gave in eventually. Our first date nearly never happened though as I was half an hour late due to the train station being closed & being on the underground, I couldn’t message John to let him know! If it wasn’t for an old lady asking him directions at the right time he would’ve left! Luckily he was still there though!

How They Asked

John had it planned several times & I managed to ruin them all without knowing! I even managed to nearly ruin the actual one as there were so many little bugs around the edge of the lake that I was getting annoyed by them. John had researched places to stop on our drive from Abel Tasman National Park to Hanmer Spring in the South Island of New Zealand & found Lake Rotoroa. It also featured in as a minor backdrop in Lord of the Rings. It was a beautiful sunny day & so peaceful there. I was on the verge of saying I was going back to the car because of the bugs but John said for us to go onto the jetty as they wouldn’t be as bad there. I was taking photos of John & asked if we were done. He told me to take one more photo which I took before I realized he was on 1 knee!

Where to Propose in Lake Rotoroa, New Zealand

My first words were “Are you sure?” To which John replied with “of course I am ******* sure!” Then we both started crying & he put the ring on my finger! He said he was glad I held my hand out as he couldn’t work out which hand was my left! It was a beautiful moment & the best ever! We then got the only person around to take a picture for us with our camera rather than another phone selfie to remember the moment (we do take a lot of selfies!)