John and Kate

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How We Met

In May 2011, I was a recent college grad striving to hang on to the good life. One night, I was out with college friends and we had a few too many passengers in the Jeep so I had to grab the space in the trunk. Being a gentleman, John joined me. In my usual fashion, I pretended we’d been friends forever even though I only knew him from Facebook. A few weeks later, we made the great decision to stay up all night talking on the deck- it was early summer and I’m a romantic so this was about the time that I knew he was different; we were different.

how they asked

Flash forward to May 2016, John told my best friend that he had found the ring he was going to get me. She didn’t tell me or even hint at it. In August, he celebrated a career move and hinted to me that “it’s coming soon so act surprised” after a bourbon (or a few). I really didn’t think anything of it-we’d talked about it before but it was busy time of year so I let it go.

He suggested we take a trip now that he was settled in to his new job and my busy season was coming to an end. But it was a surprise for me.

Black Friday, I had off work so I slept in, started Gilmore Girls and did a little Christmas Shopping. John had to “work” so he left at his usual time. He was actually at Target and BedBath&Beyond (on Black Friday) getting champagne, champagne flutes, snacks, tissues and shampoo for our trip. He texted me around 11 saying he was leaving work early so we could get lunch before we got on the road. Partially annoyed because I didn’t feel like getting out of my pajamas, I rushed through getting ready but managed to be downstairs waiting when he pulled up. We went to brunch at a spot we’d been meaning to try.

We got on the road and I knew we were going to Deep Creek, MD. A few hours later we checked in to Blue Moon Rising to stay in a Tiny Cabin in the woods. Our cabin was at the top of the hill, a short golf cart ride from the car. We walked in and started putting bags down. I took off my coat and turned around to hang John’s.

He was half-lunging, on his way to a kneeling, and holding something.​“I didn’t prepare anything but.. will you marry me?”*a look of panic as he tried to open the box only to realize it was facing him*I said YES! before he could even turn the box around.

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