John and Jessika

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how we met

John and I met during our freshman year at Greenville College. We became good friends during orientation week and all of our friends knew that we would become a couple in no time. Fast forward a whole week – yeah, we really took things slow, huh?

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He even called my dad to ask for permission to really seal the deal. August 28th, 2015 was when our adventure began. Before we knew it, we were saying “I love you” every other word and planning for the rest of our lives.

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how they asked

John and I began a long distance relationship in January of 2016 – talk about a way to start off the new year! Soon marriage became a frequent topic in our nightly talks. I began to go visit John about every two weeks, sometimes more when we just couldn’t stand being apart any longer. As we settled into this routine, the idea of marriage started to become more and more real.
On Valentine’s day weekend I made the three hour trip up to see John. The Saturday before Valentine’s was a day spent enjoying each other’s company. Crazy as we are, we decided to go to the park and spend some time looking at the lake, even though the weather was freezing. Of course, being John, he had his camera with him and began taking pictures of the lake. This wasn’t out of the norm for him so I didn’t think anything of it. Soon the camera eventually began to focus on me, but this was also normal. Then John had the bright idea of setting his camera up on his tripod so that we could get a nice picture of us together.

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Little did I know, it was actually a video and as John was walking towards me and I was waiting for the camera to take the picture, John was planning out how to get on his knee and ask me to spend forever with him. Hearing the words, “Jessika Ann, will you marry me?” come out of his mouth is a moment I will hold onto forever. As if that wasn’t enough, my amazing man put together the sweetest video for me of our love story. I am most certainly blessed.

Our Video

Special Thanks

John Walnofer
 | videographer, photographer