Jennifer and John

How We Met

It’s all a funny story, that I feel like happened yesterday…

We basically grew up together due to me being his sisters best friend & also his sister was dating my brother. Turns out we did a lot of activities and hanging out together the four of us. Which lead us to get to know each other. If you asked me 7 years ago if I ever thought that my best friends brother would be my husband, it would have been a definite no. Not because I wasn’t attracted to him, just that I didn’t see that deeper level of relationship that early in, especially with the both of us being shy towards each other. As time went on, my brother and his sister broke up and we got to know each other more. However, I figured that was that. I would still go hang with his sister but I noticed that he would always somehow be around, peeking through her bedroom door to see what or who we would be talking about as best friends. I would get the occasional random text of him asking “whats up.” I never thought more of it, until it happened more frequently and I did. I would run to my mom to try to dissect every word that would be written.

It was a summer of July 2015, where I got a text message of him asking me to go out on a date. I said “sure,” obviously full of joy. The date was wonderful. He took me to the old port of Montreal, we ate at The Keg, we ate a delicious filet mignon, and walked the streets of the old port. It was a wonderful time. From then on, we were “dating”

When he proposed we were a couple for about a year and a half, but the difference was is that our relationship started as a friendship. We built a foundation. Thanks to our siblings, we got to know each other as friends, we felt that comfortable with each other and it felt right.

Now, let’s get to the best part, the proposal.

how they asked

What I know now, isn’t what I knew when it happened. So I’m going to start off with the story my husband told me and I believed him. It was a Wednesday and I was working at a daycare near my house, and on Wednesdays, he would come to parents house for supper and we would eat all together. So that night he gave me a surprise gift, and it was a huge seashell from his grandmother’s house who passed away. I love the ocean and seashells, so I was happy and warmed knowing he gave me something that was very sentimental to him. He told me to listen to the ocean by putting the seashell to my ear, which I did and I saw a paper in it.

I opened a paper and it was a booked flight to go to Florida Friday to Monday in May 2016, at his parents’ condo. I said “omg I can’t go I work!” freaking out, he told me not to worry because he said its just a weekend gateway while his dad and him golf, to just join. I said that I would pass it by my boss, and when I did, my boss agreed with my weekend gateway to Florida. so I didn’t think much of it, I figured I was lucky that it worked out. I went to Florida(Daytona Beach) with him and his dad. We enjoyed the beach, tanning, swimming, shopping and all that fun stuff.

The Saturday comes and I wake up and breakfast is on the table for me, and I ate it. He had made me eggs placed in a heart shape. That night he took me out to a fancy dinner, and we walked on the beach once we were done. While we were walking on the beach in front not of his parents’ condo, but in front of the condo of his grandmother who passed away. he got down on one knee and this is when my hands flew to my faced surprised because I didn’t expect it. He told me how much he loved me and how he knew I was the one for him, and that he wanted to spend the right of his life with me. he also quoted a cute saying, “no matter how big the sea may be, sometimes two ships meet” I cried and said “YES” full of joy. That was the happiest day of my life.

When I got home I found out the true story of how this was all planned out. On the Wednesday night when I left work. He was parked at a corner waiting to see me drive off while he ran in to speak to my bosses about proposing to me. My bosses knew the entire time and went along with the story. He planned everything perfectly, and I really didn’t expect it.

We got married a year later in June 2017. We have been so happy ever since. I got my dream proposal on the beach! And it was everything I ever wanted it to be

This was our crazy love story, and I love it.

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