John and Hannah

John's Proposal in Crystal Lake boat house

How We Met

This is the story of Tinderella. After my best friend told me about Tinder, I joined so we could see if my results would be as bad as hers. One of the first results was a picture of a man with a beard wearing a flannel shirt and beautiful smile. He said he was a lawyer who loved to cook. We messaged each other the next day and agreed to meet up at Andy Gavin’s for a drink that night. After four hours of talking, we finally had to leave because the bar was closing. I failed to mention to him that I was leaving the next day for a two week trip to Europe! John asked to meet up again which is when I had to break the news that he would have to wait till I got back. Two days after I returned, we went out for a dinner and have been together ever since!

how they asked

November 3rd was a pretty ordinary day. I was at work when John texted and told me he had to get paperwork from his godfather in Carbondale and he asked if I wanted to join him for the drive in a couple of hours. I agreed and we set a time for him to come and pick me up. An hour before we were supposed to leave, he told me his godfather had invited us to join him for dinner at the Crystal Lake Hotel and we should probably dress up a bit. He picked me up and we were off to Carbondale! On the way there, John said his friend who is a realtor had told him about a lake house that was for sale and that he wanted to swing by and look at it. He found the dirt road it was on and we started down towards the house. It was rocky and I suggested we go back the next day in a higher vehicle! But John insisted that his car wasn’t damaged and we’d already made it this far, we should just keep going. I saw the realtor’s sign and we parked in front of the house. John got out of the car and asked if I wanted to go with him to look around. We started walking towards the lake and John said “Oh wow! Hannah you’ve got to see this! The back deck is huge!” As I walked onto the dark deck, John turned on the lights from the hidden remote control in his pocket and the whole deck lit up! There were lights strung up, a table with flowers and champagne, and a chalkboard sign that said “Mi Amor” with votive candles all around. When I turned around, John was on his knee, ring in hand, asking me to marry him. Of course I said “yes”! After we had some champagne and I heard the story of the ring and how he arranged the proposal, we met his family at the Crystal Lake Hotel to celebrate!