Emily and John

Image 1 of Emily Lola and John Paul

How We Met

John and I are definitely high school sweethearts. We met in August of 2010, when my younger sister and I were at a home soccer game at our high school. My sister, Paula, happened to notice a cute, new soccer player named John. However, he seemed a bit more interested in me. After several weeks, multiple soccer games later, and spending time in school together, we decided it wasn’t the right time to date. I was a senior, about to graduate in the spring and go off to college, and John was a sophomore with a few more years at good ole Bunn High. We remained friends for the few months and we even dated other people during that time. Around January of 2011, something brought us together again. After two months, on March 4th, 2011, we decided to finally make it official. We dated throughout high school and continued dating throughout college!

how they asked

In January of 2016, we decided to start planning a spring break trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate our five year anniversary and plan a vacation (In reality- I needed a break from teaching high school students)!

A few weeks before the trip, John took his best friend Sean to pick out a ring while Catey, Sean’s girlfriend, and I walked around the mall. Little did I know, the ring was sitting in John’s truck the entire time! He was saving it for the perfect spot in Puerto Rico.

The day of the proposal, we decided to hike up to the rainforest in Puerto Rico. After seeing a few smaller waterfalls, we wanted to get off the trail and find Juan Diego falls, a forty foot waterfall. After climbing up and taking in the beautiful sight, John wanted to get a picture in front of the waterfall with me. He set up the GoPro on a some rocks in front of the waterfall and told me he was taking a video, and they could screenshot a photo later. Thinking nothing of it, I walked over and posed for the “picture” with him. After saying cheese, I looked over to see him dropping to one knee. Overwhelmed with tears and excitement, I said, “YES!” without letting him actually ask!

John likes to say, “I didn’t even have to ask. She said yes before I had the chance.”