Emily and John

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How We Met

I had always known John but not REALLY known him. Our relationship sparked through one of my girlfriends. We were chatting on the beach at a church event in the summer and he came up to talk with her because they were already friends. We all three ended up talking for quite awhile and he left the conversation saying “I’ve got to get this girls number”. He got my number through a friend and we chatted and hung out for a few months. We then started dating August 7th 2013, and the rest is history?

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how they asked

He texted me the night before and asked to take me out to a nice dinner, which is isn’t anything out of the ordinary so I didn’t think anything of it. On the way home from dinner, he mentioned that he would like to find a faster way home to cut through a beautiful park in Louisville which also isn’t out of the ordinary because we always drive around that area anyway. He plugged it into the GPS and we drove a bit and suddenly it was saying “your destination is in 1,000 feet” and we were no where near home.

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My heart began fluttering and I slowly came to grips with what was happening. We got out of the car, he grabbed my hand, and he told me to follow him. We walked down to the creek side where there was a blanket with flower petals, candles, some of our favorite pictures hung up and a box.

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The box held all the letters we had ever written on our four years of dating. We have done more long distance in four years than we have been together so this box meant so much to me. The box had pictures of us and memories of things we had done.

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My senior year of high school I made a bow tie for John in my home ec class and that was in there as well. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his best friend for ever and ever and popped the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen on my finger. After he asked me we went through the box remembering all the Lord had done in our relationship the past four years. All the growing up, all the happy, and all the tough things. It was worth it all because I have my John Quincy forever now?

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Special Thanks

Jenna Finnesand
 | Photographer