John and Caroline

how we met

John and Caroline were set up by their mutual friends Cindi and Christian (who’s wedding they* were a part of this past June). It was Easter Sunday and they were skeptical about being set up. However, there was obvious attraction and they were both pleasantly surprised. John asked for Caroline’s number the next day and he went back to UCSD to play baseball and Caroline went back to UCR to play tennis. He thought she was super fun, bubbly, and cute. She thought he looked like Dylan O’Brien and LOVED his height and jawline.

how they asked

John and Caroline had discussed getting married for a while. They had gone ring shopping earlier that year. They wanted to wait until both of them had finished college and had good jobs. August 28 was John’s first day of work, so Caroline thought there was no way he would propose that night after his first day and having to drive from L.A. to Corona. He did, and she was completely surprised.

He lit up the walkway to her front porch with tons of candles, Christmas lights, flowers, and pictures of the two of them. He had “love is patient, love is kind, etc” written on paper lanterns as Caroline walked up her brick path. He was standing on her brick front porch dressed in the clothes he wore the first day he met her.

Caroline, thinking this was the last day to expect a proposal had no makeup on, and was overwhelmed by the magical setting John had created for her. It looked like a fairytale forest and Caroline was quickly in tears. Caroline walked up to John and he started saying “Caroline, You make me a better person, and a better man of God. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And so, will you marry me?” And Caroline said “A thousand, a million, a billion times YES.”

Special Thanks

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