John and Bruce

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How We Met

We met on a popular gay social networking app and started text messaging for a few weeks in the Seattle Winter. Bruce at this time was wrapping up his Boeing/Teague internship in Seattle while I was taking a Spanish class at Seattle Central Community College while working at Amazon. One evening, my Spanish class got canceled so I asked Bruce if we wanted to meet for coffee. We met for coffee at what would turn out to be our favorite coffee shop in Seattle: Solstice Coffee on Capitol Hill. After I convinced Bruce to try a beer sampler with me at the coffee shop (note that Bruce was playing along because he doesn’t really drink beer) we talked about the respective places we grew up: Seattle and SoCal. We closed our date with a kiss in the rain at the corner of Broadway & Thomas on Capitol Hill under the neon lights of the Bank of America sign.

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After a few months of dating in Seattle, it was time for Bruce to move back to SoCal to graduate from Art Center not without promising to return for Me. We drove an epic drive down to SoCal with Bruce’s friends Anita and Lyndsey to help him move back home. About 6 months later, Bruce flew back up to Seattle to fulfill his promise and we lived together in the Central District of Seattle with our Frenchy, Marshmallow, and worked together at the Starbucks Headquarters. Our days were full of coffee dates, lunches, and of course some great work.

At the end of May 2019, we said goodbye to our friends and family in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and drove down with Marshmallow to our new home in West Covina, California.

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How They Asked

When the pandemic and lockdowns hit us in March of 2020, we started spending our days working from home, watching a lot of online content and news. We even got involved in some of the excitement of the 2020 elections and voted in November. Also in November, I decided to pop the question while we were in the PNW for Thanksgiving. On November 25th, we took a road trip into the Olympic Peninsula and spent the day at Lake Crescent hiking, taking photos, and celebrating us. I hired a photographer to take classic “PNW” photos for us. She had us walk to the end of the dock and stand back to back. Then I got on one knee and asked Bruce “Will you go on more adventures with me? Will you marry me?” and Bruce said yes!

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Special Thanks

Breeanna Lasher
 | Photographer