John and Brittany

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How We Met

John and I first met almost 6 years ago as seniors in high school. It was my senior prom and the guy I planned on going with had bailed, just one week before. A friend of mine came through at the last minute and set me up on a “blind prom date”. (Little did I know that date would now be my future husband.) Before we had even met John had a suit and tie ready, as he had seen some photos of me on Facebook and was more than willing to go with me. He had even made a comment to his mom, something along the lines of “I thought blind dates weren’t supposed to be good looking.” We ended up having the BEST time and immediately connected. John and I went on a few dates that summer but ultimately felt things wouldn’t work out, as we were attending different colleges, almost 6 hours away. We stayed in touch that year and after a few failed relationships in between– I applied to the school he was attending. At this point we weren’t on the best of terms, but I still couldn’t wait to see him during orientation. John was the President of his fraternity and he ended up taking me on a tour of his frat as a way to break the ice. I spent as much time as I could with him during the orientation weekend. We realized at that point that we couldn’t be without each other. When he returned home from school he came right to my house to pick me up. He had pillows and blankets and a laptop in the bed of his truck and he took me to the desert to watch movies under the stars. That summer, we spent everyday together. We have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

John and I spent the morning snorkeling at Hanama Bay. He had the entire day planned ending the evening with a dinner cruise on Oahu. As we were getting ready he kept telling me to make sure I felt my best. As we were getting on the boat, a photographer took a few photos of us. The woman later approached us asking if we wanted to purchase any of the photos. She then went on to say that she would be happy to take some of us at sunset on the bough of the ship. I agreed and she told us to meet at 7:09 when the sunset was perfect. John had told me he needed to use the restroom and ended up being gone for what felt like 20 minutes. I later found out that he was incredibly nervous and talking to the ship crew about proposing. He returned (20 minutes later) with two drinks in hand and asked if I was ready to take the photos on the bough. We headed out there and the sunset was incredible. The photographer began taking photos of us in the same pose for what felt like forever. At this point I had a feeling a proposal was coming. As John got down on a knee, he didn’t pull out a ring. He pulled a note from his pocket and read his thoughts aloud. As my eyes welt with happy tears, he then pulled out a small velvet bag from his other pocket. The ring was incredible. The crowd cheered as I said, “yes” and the live band on the ship played Etta James’, “At Last”. John had the entire next day planned as well. We began the day with a couples massage with an ocean view. And ended the day with a helicopter tour. All the while, I starred at my ring and the wonderful views of my fiancé. It was something out of a dream.

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