Bivianna and John

how we met

We knew each other since we were 10 years old. Back then there were no feelings, we were just kids we had no intention of having a girlfriend or boyfriend at that age. We were just people that knew each other even while growing / up as teenagers.

how they asked

He wanted to choose a spot where we could go back to and be able to say “Do you Remember?” and know exactly where and what happened in that moment.

He had it all planned out, had my family help him and lie all to me so I wouldn’t suspect a thing. They came up with this plan that My cousin was inviting us to a vintage themed restaurant with a couple of friends on Sunday. I have never been one to do vintage and we had a long Saturday I just wanted to stay home and rest. None the less he convinced me to go. He used to work Sundays, so he tells me go get your nails done distract yourself for a while. Little did I know he was organizing and preparing everything a few blocks away from me.

I’m done with my nails and he had said he was going to pick me up and take me home so we could get ready. I’m done with my nails I call him and he says that he hasn’t gotten out and he’s gonna be a few hours late and I would have to go with my cousin. I became mad. I didn’t want to show up alone. My friend helps me to relax so I decide to still go. My mom had bought this beautiful pink dress for me that I didn’t want to let go to waste. I get ready, and I’m still a little bothered. So my cousin picks me up and she had some person I never met before in the car. She lets me know that we were going to stop by and take pictures at Echo Park Lake by a bridge. It was nothing weird, my cousin LOVES taking pictures. I was so mad I wasn’t thinking, that when she told me he was there waiting for us by the bridge I believed her. And it wasn’t so long ago that he had told me he was going to be late. So we’re walking and she’s in front of me so I can’t see anything. we pass the bridge and he’s not there so I’m confused.


I keep walking and all of a sudden my cousin moves and he’s in the middle of Lanterns and candles. The love of my life had been there all afternoon with the biggest and over the top surprise I had gotten. I WAS GETTING ENGAGED!

Bivianna and John's Engagement in Echo Park Lake