Autumn and John

Autumn and John's Engagement in Nashville, TN

How We Met

John and I met in college. I was a freshman, he was a junior. We were both in a worship music program. I was sitting in the rehearsal room in the alto section, when John walked in and sat in his section. I immediately texted my mom, 3 sisters and some of my best friends and said, “I just saw my husband”. I literally knew it was him the moment I saw him. He saw me for the first time on a Sunday morning at a church service. His story is pretty similar. He saw me and immediately asked his friends about me. It took a few weeks for us to actually talk to each other. The first time we actually talked was through social media. I sent him a message over Twitter and told him that my friend thought his friend was cute, and that we should go on a walk together. We met up in front of one of the buildings on campus that night and talked for hours. After a while, our friends that we brought to meet each other both left and it was just me and John. That became our nightly routine. We would go on walks every night after dinner and talk for hours. He asked me to be his girlfriend a few weeks later, and the rest is history. We dated all through college. After graduation, He moved back home to Missouri and I moved back home to Nashville. We’ve been long distance for two years now, but we can’t wait to live in the same place again!

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Our engagement story is one of my favorite things to talk about. He was so sneaky! We had planned a double date with some friends on November 22. The plan was we were going to go to some festival at the Nashville Farmer’s Market, which is our favorite place in Nashville. My friend told me that it was a fancy event, and we even planned out our outfits. Of course, she knew what was in store that night. I thought we were just going to a festival. That afternoon, I got off work and went home to get ready with John. At one point, he came in to my room while I was doing my makeup and he said, “ugh. You are so beautiful.” This is not out of John’s character, but it felt different this time. We got to the Farmer’s Market and met up with our friends. I was walking along with Megan, John and Noah following us. We walked under a bridge near the farmer’s market and I realized megan wasn’t next to me anymore. John stepped up and took my hand and walked me up these stairs. I remember asking, “what is this?!” I saw what was happening. There’s a huge map of Tennessee in the Bicentennial Mall in Nashville, and John had set up a circle of candles and flowers around McKenzie, TN on the map. Where we met in college.

He took my hand, presented me with my dream ring, and asked me to be his wife. I said yes!! After the proposal, we drove downtown to a restaurant where our family and closest friends were waiting to celebrate with us. It was the best night of our life.

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