Alanna and John

How We Met

John and I met two and a half years ago on the dating app tinder! We swiped right and were basically inseparable after that. I had almost canceled the date with him because I had gone on a bad tinder date two days before and was feeling a little over the app. Now I’m so glad I kept the date! We became an official couple when he accidentally called me his girlfriend on Valentine’s day a month or two after we started dating. When he had to move from NYC back to Long Island for his job I moved from my apartment to be closer to him and our dog, Rocky. We always talked about getting married and being an official family forever, but in ever imagined it would happen the way it did!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York City - Westfield World Trade Center - The Oculus

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New York City - Westfield World Trade Center - The Oculus

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York City - Westfield World Trade Center - The Oculus

how they asked

John and I entered a contest to win a Tacori & Forevermark engagement ring that was hosted by London Jewelers. The store has hosted this event in the past, but for the first time, it was being held in New York City to celebrate the opening of their brand new store at The Oculus in downtown Manhattan. The contest was a two-hour scavenger hunt/race to accumulate the most points by checking into hotspots around the city, answering trivia questions, and submitting photos and videos along the route. Though we did train a bit before the race and do some research on downtown Manhattan to be sure we generally knew the location, we did not expect to win. At the end of the two hours (we had run about 5.5 miles in total and gone to approx. 20 locations across the city!) we walked back to the area where the awards ceremony would be. I was sure that we didn’t win – the questions had been harder than expected and we had no clue how other 150 teams competing did in comparison to us since there was no order to the race and we didn’t see many of the other teams. I’m pretty sure I annoyed John the whole way back worrying about how we did in the race.


Proposal Ideas New York City - Westfield World Trade Center - The Oculus

At the awards ceremony the third and second place winners were announced, and when we didn’t win those prizes I thought we for sure had not won anything. To announce first place team they told everyone to turn on their phones and they would call the winner. John and I were staring at my phone which was in my bag on the floor and nothing was happening. All of a sudden we heard John’s voicemail go off over the microphone!

He yelled out “That’s my voicemail!!!” and I knew we had won. We didn’t know they had his phone number since I was the main entrant so we didn’t know to look at his phone! I immediately went into complete shock, started shaking, and had no idea that they handed him the ring and the microphone. He proceeded to get down on one knee in front of everyone at the awards ceremony contest, and also all the people standing in the mall and ask me to be his wife. I, of course, said YES!<

Our team name was Team Rocky… in honor of our dog. We like to think he’s pretty proud that his mom and dad won such a cool prize :) Wedding date is tbd :)

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Special Thanks

London Jewelers
Host of the Contest
Tacori | 
Provided ring setting
Forevermark | 
Provided Diamond