Johanna and Zach

How We Met

I love the story of how Zach and I met! It was a little over three in a half years ago and we were both attending the same wedding, I was a bridesmaid and he was a guest of the groom! At this point in our life we were both ready to meet the one, and little did we know that night our lives would never be the same! The wedding was well into the night, and at this point, I had broken my shoe, cried many tears of happiness and also cut my foot! I must add too, at this wedding I did not think I would meet anyone, I thought I knew all of the groom’s friends, I was surprisingly wrong. I was in a circle of all my married and engaged girlfriends and this woman comes over and taps me on the shoulder (she could have tapped anyone in the group) and I turned around, she asked: “are you single?” I am pretty sure I said something like “heck yes I am!” and she brought me over to Zach and the rest is pretty much history.

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We laugh a lot when talking about how we met because we do not remember if we shook hands, hugged or just said hi! The dance continued on and we were dancing the night away with no track of time. I remember I could not stop smiling, Zach was so handsome and we were having so much fun, almost like a true Cinderella moment where I did not want the clock to strike midnight! He asked for my number, but I did not know if he would use it or not, BUT he did, and we have never stopped talking since. Zach lived two hours away from me so we did long distance for almost two years before we met in the middle and where we currently live today! We both would say that it did not take long, and maybe in the first couple dates that we knew we wanted to be together forever.

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How They Asked

I want to point out first that I am have recently become a wedding photographer in my photography business! Zach has been so supportive since day one and I am so grateful for that! I have shot my own weddings, second shot four years prior, attended and been apart of multiple weddings, and I absolutely love it. With that being said, I have also dreamed about the day I would be getting married since I was a little girl, I was just missing was my groom and now here he is!

Being in the wedding industry I have had many many talks about my own wedding because well it has not happened yet and I may have been getting a little impatient. Zach has always been so patient with me, he has been handling so well all the hints, comments and questions he has been getting for a while now! We picked the ring out together last Summer which fun to do, so the anticipation was getting very high at this point!

We had a trip planned with his family to the Dominica Republic, Punta Cana in February, a lot of my friends asked if I thought he would ask me on the trip and I very confidently said no. It would be too predictable and I thought he would wait until more family or friends would be with us, but to my surprise, he had other plans!

The night of the proposal. It was our first full day and night in Punta Cana and throughout the day I was giving him a hard time about myself not having the same last name as him. Flying to another country requires forms to be filled out and since we are not married we have to do it all separate, also it is funny when the desk clerk asks us if we are on our honeymoon, so you get the running joke here! We had the best first day with the sunshine and discussed dinner plans that night, we were to be ready by five and meet down by the beach for some drinks before dinner! Getting ready in the hotel, I caught Zach resting his eyes for a bit, and he was so calm all day long, I would have never suspected he was going to ask the biggest question of his life! I had one dress on but decided to change, which I am so glad I did, and I also made him change too! Funny to think he gave no hint of what we should wear, and little did I know my three-year-old thrifted jean skirt, would be forever a part of a special memory!

We were running slightly behind according to everyone else because earlier that day his mom set up the photographer and he was at the beach ready to go! We get down to the beach and his mom is going on about how she wants to take our picture, I was not in the mood. It was super wind and the lighting was harsh from a photographers point of view of where she wanted us to stand, but I did it anyway knowing I was not going to like the outcome. We were standing side by side and I remember ever so lightly Zach whispering “Do you wanna share the same last name as me?” and got down on one knee!!! To be fully honest I thought he was joking because that is what I had been teasing him all day about!

I think I hit him on the arm and kept saying “are you serious?!” I did not see the ring right away and he kept asking “will you marry me?, will you marry me?” because again I had to soak it all in for twenty seconds and then I finally said “YES!!” It was the best moment ever and I was so surprised, I did not think it would happen on this trip! His mom had carried the ring in her luggage and I picked up on nothing throughout the day! After the proposal we had a wonderful photographer spend a little time with us and I am so grateful we have those images as keep sakes forever! We celebrated the rest of the night and it was so fun to FaceTime my family back home, full of tears, laughter and surprise!!

Special Thanks

Davison Gonzalez
 | Photographer