Johanna and Nathan

How We Met

We met during my summer going to my Junior year at Mizzou. We had mutual friends and ended up going to the same Luau party at Harpos (lol). It was the most random sort of events that had to happen for us to meet that night. He had just gotten evacuated from his study abroad in Egypt, he got a phone call from his best friend when he got back to the U.S to come down to Mizzou from Nebraska (his hometown) for the Luau Party. That day I got ready way to early and my roommate did not want to go out anymore, before I gave up on the night, I texted my friend Simone and also received a text to come to the Luau party. When we saw each other for the first time it was sparks from the beginning and the rest is history.

how they asked

On Saturday August 6th I got woken up by our leasing office letting me know that I had a package that needed to be immediately picked up. I got out of bed and rushed to the office not knowing what was waiting for me. I opened a box that had my first clue of the day. It was a scavenger hunt around Kansas City to my favorite places and my favorite people. After the first clue took me to my favorite coffee shop, the second clue directed me to the bar where we met 3 years ago, where his best friend was waiting for me with the 3rd clue and a pink lai (the same color lai he got me the first night we ever met). This clue took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant where my best friend Stephanie was waiting for me with lunch and a shot of tequila ( again, our first shot we took together the night we met). Now it was her turn to drive me around the city, which took me to getting my hair and nails done and a new outfit. After everything was perfect and done, my seven clue took me to the most beautiful spot in Kansas City which overlooks the city.

Here is where I was the most lost and confused. I could not understand why the clue took me there, since me and him had never been there before, and my friends had let me know that there was 1 more clue before I saw him. We started walking around Liberty Memorial and all of a sudden my mom and dad show up out of nowhere.


I was all tears.


I could not believe it, my parents live in Houston thats a 12 hours drive to Kansas City.


After the tears stopped my dad handed me the last and final clue that stated ” are you ready for the flight of your life” which took me to the Downtown Kansas City Airport to ride on a Helicopter ride above Kansas City. It was the most unbelievable view and when we landed, my now fiancee was waiting for me with a bouquet of roses.



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