Johanna and Jose

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How We Met

We met online on Facebook dating. Immediately after matching, we hit off chatting almost nonstop. What felt like months of conversation was only just days. After about a week of texting, we met in person at La Carreta for an early Sunday dinner. Jose picked the spot because it was near me. After a nice casual dinner, we (Jose) called it a night. He said he had to get ready for work tomorrow. I took that as a cue that maybe the date didn’t go as well as I thought. But apparently, it did. We kept talking and seeing each other until he made it “exclusive”!

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How They Asked

Jose surprised me with a weekend getaway to Orlando. It wasn’t much of a surprise because we had planned on going to Orlando specifically Universal In order to use our annual passes one last time before they expired. He did surprise me with the hotel and dinner. I thought he was doing so for my birthday which was a few days away. He told me we would be leaving on our trip Friday afternoon right after I got home from work. And he told me to pack a dress because we were going to dinner on Saturday. We packed our car and left. On our, he still would not tell me where we were staying. I jokingly said “Animal Kingdom Lodge” and he said, “you’re right!” I couldn’t believe it and was in shock.

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We arrived at the beautiful lodge and soaked in our amazing views of the Savannah then went to grab some snacks at the restaurant. On Saturday, we woke up walked around the repaint, and grabbed some breakfast. I suggested we stay at the hotel and enjoy the pool, but Jose was keen on going to the parks. We went to the parks and enjoyed the day with the possibility of leaving early to go back to the pool. We ride a water ride and get soaked. Then the rain clouds start rolling in and I decided it was time to head out. Jose wanted to keep going and enjoy the park.

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As we headed to the exit, he tells me he needed to use the bathroom. He takes forever and I tell him to hurry up because it is about to pour. Once he finally gets out, it starts raining. We head towards the exit, but he suggests waiting out the rain at a restaurant or gift store. I was soaked so I wanted to go and change out of my wet clothes. We get to the car and decided to stop at Taco Bell to get a quick snack. Then we head back to the hotel. He drops me off while he goes to park the car. I walk to our room in hopes of getting out of the wet clothes. But as soon as I get to my room I’m unable to enter; the key does not work. So I wait for Jose and his key doesn’t work either. We get the issue resolved and enter the room. To my surprise, they are balloons decorating our room and a box and flowers on the table. I thought he got an add-on to decorate the room for my birthday. I asked what was in the box and he tells me it was just decoration. I quickly noticed that one of the balloons was behind the coffee maker and noticed the tape dispenser was left on the table. I tell him he should alert Disney since he probably paid a lot of money for the decorations. Then I go to the bathroom and noticed that the towels are still on the floor and the toiletry has not been replenished. He calls housekeeping asking them to bring an extra towel. As he is calling I noticed the beds weren’t made as expected ( the corners weren’t tucked in). Then As I go to grab clothes from my suitcase to change, I noticed my suitcase was missing. I become upset because I didn’t understand why housekeeping would love my stuff and not do a proper job with the towels and bed.

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At that point, he tells me it wasn’t Disney who decorated the room but someone we knew. And we find the suitcase in the closet. I change, let the matter go, and take a nap. I wake up and Jose begins to get ready for our dinner plans, while I sit outside looking at the animals. I FaceTime my mom so she can see the view but she didn’t pick up. Earlier in the day, she told me she was taking a drive to Homestead to get milkshakes from Robert here. I text her to ask about the milkshakes and also for her to send me some pics but she tells me she can’t because it was raining. I hear Jose listening to BSB as he gets ready. I start getting ready and my phone dies. I asked Jose to charge my phone. He tells me he can’t find the charger. I’m confused because I left the charger by the nightstand. He confirms that it’s not there. I became angry because I couldn’t understand what happened to my charger and most importantly I couldn’t charge my phone. He then tells me that my best friend came to decorate the room and our families will be meeting us for dinner. I finish getting ready and he starts playing NSYNC. He says before we go I should open the box. I told him why since he told me it was only decoration. I proceeded to open the box and as I’m opening it I see a smaller box in the shape of the adventure book from Up. I opened the book and on one page was a picture of us and on the next page was a quote from an NSYNC song “Every word I say is true, this I promise you”. He flipped the page and the ring was there. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We then went to dinner and celebrated with our families.

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