Johanna and Camilo

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How We Met

We met at a church group meeting, we didn’t talk much that day. A friend of mine told me how cute he was and that I should give it a try but I said I was ok single. 15 days later I had to talk to him so I sent him a whatsapp and we started talking and a date came up. Our 1st date was on Aug 15th (mother’s day in our country) so he took me to dinner and gave me a present (I was a single mom), he asked me to be his girlfriend on Sept 26th on a park at sunset <3

how they asked

We went to Cancun MX for vacations, and to celebrate Feb 14th. The day we arrived he wanted to see the sunset so we went to the beach, he told me that we should take a picture but it was a video he came to me and started saying how he wanted to spend his life with me and got down in one knee and gave me the ring <3 <3

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