Johan and Jennifer

How We Met

We met in church while we both served as cell group leaders. Interestingly, we knew each other’s existence way back when we were still kids ourselves and always bumping into each other at the church’s compounds on Sundays or during camps. But we never really spoke to each other. A couple of years down, we were called to be cell group leaders to young kids who were primary school turning to secondary. At that point in time, we were both actively involved in church ministry as much as we were actively meeting new people in our external social circle and giving a go at relationships. Nevertheless, as we were in the same division serving the kids, we often found ourselves working together on various projects and get-togethers for the young ones and we had formed a genuine friendship amongst ourselves and rest of our like-minded leaders. Fast forward down the road, I found myself in the army and Jennifer, was completing her tertiary education. During that period many of the boys who grew up in church with me would often meet with our close friends after we booked-out from camp. And coincidentally or not, our dinner meets always end up at one of my friend’s place, which was also Jennifer’s home. (My friend and she are sisters). There, we began to see each other more often and found ourselves chatting on similar topics. As we spoke more often laughing together and encouraging one another we somehow knew there was something special. However, Jennifer being the shy one and me being.. just me decided to keep this budding friendship going. Finally, it was a social night and a night to invite a date to the officer cadet ball. I knew from the moment it was announced who I had wanted to ask… And… hopefully, impress. Cliche as it may sound, Jennifer’s face kept popping in my mind. I knew I had to ask her and so I mustered my courage and went for it. The social night was our first date. And subsequently, dates followed and ever since we have never been happier together and supportive of one another in this journey of life together.

“Jenn is the most genuine, kind and selfless person whom I regard as an amazing and incredible girlfriend, faithful friend, filial daughter and soon-to-be gorgeous wife. I’m sure many of her friends who knew her longer than myself would testify to that. My whole being would agree that she’s not only a keeper but someone whom I’m willing spent a lifetime showing how blessed she has made me feel.” – Johan

“I knew Johan is the one as there’s this indescribable feeling whenever we are together. I like me better when I’m with him. He is definitely a keeper and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.” – Jennifer

how they asked

“On a frosty December morning, she said “Yes”. Going way back to 6 months ago, after being together for almost 4 years, decided that it was the right moment to make the most important decision that life had brought so far. Which was taking this friendship between two to a higher commitment and place? With thoughts, prayers, and confirmations all set in place, the preparations towards this very day was soon in the woodworks.

As the year-end vacation destination became decided upon soon after, it became clear that what was needed was someone who could capture the moments and help mastermind the organization of the proposal plan as the familiarity of land was less than adequate. Very thankfully, there was Elena and her team, who on hindsight made, everything seem like a walk in a Croatian park.

Proposal Ideas Ravna Gora

Where to Propose in Ravna Gora

Over the following months, video calls, messages, and emails soon took place rapidly. Elena, who is also a professional wedding photographer provided insights into the land far less visited and suggestions which soon helped shaped the way the plan was going down. Many a time there were anxious and worries over the details of the plan. But each time a doubt came up there was assurance and confidence translated, together with a bucket load of expert advice and improvements. In the end, there was Plan A-C; and that was how meticulous and sincere the team was to making this day a success.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ravna Gora

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Ravna Gora

Would like to thank a few people; To our very good friend and fellow sister, Jiahui who especially took time, effort and money out just to share this moment with and also being part of the surprise itself.

To Elena for her polished photography and organization skills and her husband Kruno who provided transport and was part of the Capo3 acoustic duo. And Damir, who provided impeccable videography capturing each and every fine detail. ” – Johan

Our Video

Special Thanks

Elena Avramenko
 | Photographer
Damir I. Chytil
 | Videographer
Capo3 Acoustic Duo
 | Live music