Joey and Michele

How We Met

It was June 18th, 2011. I met Michele on my 18th Birthday at church. I was dragged to a youth church camp in Virginia by my parents, and before we left the church in Miami I noticed Michele struggling with a watch. I politely offered to help her with the watch, but she gave me a look as if she didn’t want my help, but using her words she kindly declined. So in my seat, I faced back forwards and it wasn’t even 5 minutes before I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned back around and it was Michele holding the watch up to me asking for my help to set the time properly. So gladly took the watch and set it for her and even showed her how I did it. She was prideful that she couldn’t do it on her own, but I think she’s happy she decided to ask for my help. We grew in friendship and in love for 4 years. In 2015, they took a slight detour and separated for a year, but both matured during that time to be just what they needed to be for each other. December 8, 2016, they reconnected and started a new relationship with a fresh start as two completely changed people, in mind, heart, and spirit. Without missing a beat, they grew in a deeper appreciation and love for each other.

how they asked

On October 20, 2017, I proposed to Michele in Disney World. I surprised her there and she had no idea that I would be there. I created a video scavenger hunt that my Best Man help me shoot and edit. The end of the hunt would lead to me at a very specific part of the park. You see, Michele thought I would be on a business trip for work the weekend of 10/20 and the weekend of 11/4 (her birthday), so the scavenger hunt was posed as her birthday gift and Michele’s whole family was in on it.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Where to Propose in Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Her younger sister Mia helped me write the riddles for the Scavenger Hunt, Michele’s best friend Ashley and Her husband surprised her at the park along the stops of the scavenger hunt, even my parents surprised her there. As soon as she arrived at the park with her family, they all “went to the bathroom” but really ran off to their posts for the Hunt.

Mia stayed back with Michele with an iPad to play the Scavenger Hunt. Each stop throughout the hunt had a physical gift waiting for her and the video also plays a montage of Disney clips I put together that also tell our story. Fortunately and to my surprise, she actually said Yes!

There’s an extended version of the video on YouTube but I will be posting a more condensed version soon!

Our Video

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