Leslie and Joey


How We Met

Growing up in the same area, Joey and I had never met until one of my best friend’s birthday celebration the summer of 2013. I had no idea that night I would be meeting my future husband! We barely spoke that night and over the next six months we ran into each other maybe 2 or 3 times with no more than a few sentences exchanged. Finally over Halloween weekend, we ended up going out together along with the same friends who we had met through. I had an absolute blast hanging out with Joey and at the end of the night he asked to take me to dinner. I initially told him no but luckily Joey didn’t give up. I eventually gave in and glad I did! After finding out how much we had in common, such as our love for food and sports, we became inseparable.


Eight months later we made the craziest (and best) decision ever and moved to NYC together.

how they asked

Since I had first met Joey’s (Italian) family, they had been talking about taking a trip to Italy. Two and half years later, we finally booked a trip to Rome and the Amalfi Coast! None of us had ever been, so I made sure to do my research on places to had to stop by. On our second day we took a boat out along the Amalfi Coast and stopped at Positano to walk around. I took everyone up to the one place I had to stop by in Italy- Le Sirenuse. The hotel/restaurant had the most amazing views of the town and I couldn’t believe we were actually there! After failed attempts to get reservations before heading to Rome in two days, we headed back on the boat.

The next day while laying out on the beach, Joey’s mom got a phone call from the restaurant saying they had an opening that evening! We all raced back to our rooms to get ready and when we arrived the host sat us at a table with the most breathtaking view we’d ever seen. After ordering  drinks, Joey asked us all to go take pictures at the balcony upstairs. As we’re taking pictures, I feel Joey grab my arm. He turned me around and got down one knee!


Between my awkward laugh/cry I was able to squeeze out YES!



I had no idea, but Joey’s mom had called the restaurant that morning and told them Joey wanted to propose there and they said couldn’t turn down a proposal! After dinner we went back to our hotel to find a bottle of champagne our friend had sent us. After spending the next four days celebrating in Rome, I surprised Joey with four more days in Nice for just the two of us.


Special Thanks

Le Sirenuse