Amanda and Joey

Amanda's Proposal in On a mountain in Boulder, Colorado.

How We Met

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I moved into a new apartment building in Los Angeles by myself in 2015. One day there was a lunch happening at the pool hosted by the building. I go to it with my grandma to get a bite to eat and hang out by the pool for a little. A new acquaintance, Tiphany calls me over to meet her friend, Joey. He also lives in the building. We talk and talk and talk so much that before we knew it everybody left the pool area and it was just us two talking for hours. We became great friends. We shared meals, watched the sunsets together, talked for hours. Or sometimes he would come over just to watch me paint for hours.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On a mountain in Boulder, Colorado.

After a month of hanging out as friends and getting to know each other, I had to leave town to fly to the east coast for my best friend’s wedding. I was a bridesmaid. The night before I had to take my flight I realized I left the dress at the cleaners! I asked him if he could do me the favor of picking it up in the morning and shipping it to me. The next day I left. The dress got to the east coast before I landed! While I was away we both realized we had feelings for each other because we missed each other so much. I came back and we have been together ever since.

Proposal Ideas On a mountain in Boulder, Colorado.

How They Asked

We live in Los Angeles. I planned a short trip to visit my little sister in Boulder, Colorado to help her with her new online clothing shop. Joey stayed in Los Angeles. On the third day, I decided to go hiking with my sister and Joey’s younger sister who also lives there. It was a beautiful day. It had just snowed in the morning.

As I reach the top of the mountain I see Joey standing there smiling!! I felt as if I am dreaming since this whole time I was made to believe he was in Los Angeles. He got on one knee and proposed to me there with my sister, his sister, and their partners present. I am an artist so I illustrated the moment as soon as I got back home.

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