Joey and Alexis

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How We Met

Joey and I met through University of Florida Football our Junior year of college. My brother was a commit there at the time (he is on the team now) and went to visit UF one weekend. Some of the football players took him out and that’s where he first met Joey. Later that night, Joey was looking at my brothers social media and thought it would be a good idea to request to follow me on Instagram. I saw the request, didn’t give it a second thought and accepted in order to not burn any bridges for my brother before he was on the team. A month later, I was front row at a football game with my brother and my mom and that’s where Joey and I first “met.” I was sitting in my seat dancing to the music and he was practicing right in front of me. We made eye contact and were laughing at each other through out the teams’ warm ups. He now says that when he saw me he had to tell himself to focus on the game and not on me haha. We got in touch later that night and the rest is history!

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how they asked

One random Monday night, Joey suggested that we go watch the sunset on the pier (the same pier where he asked me to be his girlfriend) and go to our favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot, both are my favorite things to do which we don’t do often. As we were driving there, I could tell he was a bit nervous but I wasn’t sure why. We were holding hands, walking along the pier and he was acting even more nervous so I had a feeling what was about to happen haha. After walking around for a few minutes, he finally got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him! It was the easiest question I have ever been asked. As he was on his knee photographers popped out and we had an impromptu photoshoot for the occasion.

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Special Thanks

Troy Huynh
 | Photographer