Joey and Alex

how we met

Joey and I met a year and a half ago. After about 5 months of dating, I absolutely knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He helped me come out of my introverted shell and try new things I would never have considered. He teaches yoga and other fitness activities for his profession. As I continued going with him and as he taught, I was able to see a side of him that was so in love with what he did. He is passionate and always so in tune with his interpersonal side with others. He always knows when someone needs a helping hand or just a shoulder to cry on. Since I was there to see all of these experiences, it made me realize very quickly that this is who I wanted my life to be spent with. I just had to wait patiently for him to realize the same.

how they asked

With my fiancé’s birthday coming up, he decided that he wanted to celebrate the birth of a new decade for himself in Paris. He has always wanted to go and has been intrigued by the French and their culture from a young age. This was the perfect opportunity to really cement the importance of Paris for us by also making it the place where we professed our love and promised our forever commitment to each other and our future (including our adorable little Boston Terrier Remy, who unfortunately could not be there!

The proposal went better than could be ever hoped. We were at the basilica of Sacre Couer enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of Paris. We could see the whole city in every direction we looked. Then I centered in on Joey and told him that I had followed him up to Paris to tell him I wanted to follow him my entire lifetime. At the moment all I could do was focus on him. His face had a little bit of confusion for what was happening in the moment, which finally led to his question “what do I say here?” All I could think of was “well hopefully it’s a yes” to which he laughed that infectious laugh I love and said, “of course it’s a yes!” The experience with Rachael was phenomenal and I am so happy she was there to capture this moment so special for us.

Special Thanks