Joemy and Darcy

Proposal Ideas Bali, Indonesia

How We Met

I met her June 25th 2010. I’ve never forgotten that date because I still remember thinking “wow.. she’s hot”. I was walking in for a job interview and she was the receptionist. Ever since then her number has been saved as “Pretty brown eyes”.

After being friends and coworkers for two years, we started dating in 2012. We took our first couples trip that year; San Diego and it kinda became our thing. Over the next few years we would visit 9 countries, each trip better than the last.

We met each other’s parents, moved in together, got a dog… the only thing left to do was propose. I decided to propose on vacation since traveling was a big part of our relationship but I knew she’d see that coming.

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How They Asked

We booked a trip to her dream destination, Bali, and I contacted a photographer beforehand, told her of my plans to propose at the famous “Gates of Heaven” temple (Pura Luhur Lempuyang). In the predawn hours of April 16th, we took a 2-hour drive from Seminyak to the temple but it felt like 10. Our driver took us as far up the mountain as he could and we began our small hike up to the gates. We waited in line for our turn to take a picture while she made a comment about the woman standing to the side with all the sophisticated camera equipment. We joked around about how “extra” she was for hauling all that up with her. Meanwhile, this was the photographer I hired and told to act like she didn’t know me.

Our turn comes, and we’re only allowed 3 pictures so that the line doesn’t get too long. On the third pose, I convince her to face away from me. I fumble the ring box, finally get it open and get down on one knee. She quickly spun around and smiled. I froze and never got a word out. But nothing needed to be said, I put the ring on her finger and the “aww”s from the people in line sealed the deal. We were engaged.

Special Thanks

Khushboo Harjani
 | Photographer