Joele and Jake

Where to Propose in Cross Lake, Manitoba

How We Met

We met our sophomore year of high school in Spanish class!

How They Asked

We’ve been together for six years. For all six years for me and the last three for Jake, we have gone on a mission trip each July to teach vacation bible school on a Cree reservation in Manitoba. We’ve grown our love with each other and Christ on each trip. One of our group traditions is to go “squatching” where we hunt for a Sasquatch. Someone will dress up as Sasquatch and scare the entire group. This year jake decided to surprise me with more than just dressing up as Bigfoot. It was so amazing to share this with our volunteer group as well as the kids we have built long-lasting relationships with in the community.

Proposal Ideas Cross Lake, Manitoba

Special Thanks

Destiny Akerstrom (engagement)
 | Photographer
Cameron Heileger (proposal)
 | Photographer
The Shaw Family
 | Planning