Joel and Misty

How We Met

Technically we met years ago when Joel started working at Calvary Chapel Chattanooga. For a few years I was one of his volunteers in the children’s ministry.In 2015, we both decided to go on a mission trip to Israel. This is where we became friends. While there I quickly realized he and I were so much alike. After the trip our friendship continued and on April 4, 2016 we became more than friends.

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how they asked

Since college I have always loved the musician Jon Foreman. His lyrics helped me through some hard times by leading me closer to Christ. I never really imagined my dream wedding, but I have imagined my dream proposal. Jon Foreman would be there with his guitar and he would play In Your Arms. I never told this dream to anyone, especially Joel. In fact it seemed impossible. Without knowing my dream proposal Joel made it happen. On Valentine’s Day we went to a Switch-foot concert.

Occasionally Jon Foreman will do an after-show in a parking lot or some random place after a concert. An after-show is just approximately 50 people and Jon and his guitar. Joel saw this as the perfect opportunity to propose. For months before the concert he worked hard trying to contact Jon Foreman and his people to coordinate a proposal to happen after one of my favorite Switch-foot songs, Daisy.

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He never heard from Jon and was told to not even try it from Jon’s people because of all the variables. He did not give up. After the concert Jon decided to do an after-show. This was the first after-show of the three Switch-foot concerts we have gone to together. Jon did two songs and then Joel requested Daisy. After Jon played the song Joel pulled out the most beautiful ring and proposed to me. It was perfect! Once Jon saw what was happening he asked us our story and then let us pick the next song. We then got to hear In Your Arms (just like I always imagined it). This was truly one of the best nights of my life!!

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